Collectible Wolf Figurines ~ NW Raku Gallery

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Collectible Wolf Resting on a Arrow Head
NW Raku Gallery
VHost Sitepal This beautiful Raku Fired Wolf Figurine is 9 inches long.
This Incredible Collectible Wolf Figurine is hand painted
The Women of NW Raku Gallery
belong to the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi Cherokee of Texas
A Camera will never capture
the true beauty of this piece.
This Piece is BREATH TAKING!
Perfect for decor in any room.
American Indian Wolf on an Arrow Head is: Brand New In Excellent Condition Gallery Price $499.98 Buy now you have seen our auctions Buy now you know our work N W Raku Gallery's Customer Service is outstanding. ONE of a KIND! NO OTHER LIKE IT ANYW!!
You only regret what You don't buy
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