Collectible Zippo Lighters Japan USS Money clips

This is an assortment of lighters and money clips. T are 4 Zippos and a hi-lite and Japan lighters. Along the top row: the first is a brand new Zippo lighter with original box and instructions. It looks like it is gold, but that is the lighting-it is the standard silver colored Zippo. Next two are older Zippos; both which the flint wheel won't turn. Both have BRADFORD, PA. on the bottom. The 4th is a hi-lite lighter and the cover has a picture of an installation worker with INSULATION DOESN'T COST IT PAYS INDEPENDENT INSULATION CO. RT. 1 BISMARCK, ARK. (+ #). It's lid is hard to close and looks as if it might be sprung. The flint wheel moves too loosely. The next is the long black lighter that has JAPAN, and a name that I can't read but looks like it may start with a C or G. It does show wear-but it does flame, but needs fluid. The last on the top row is a burgandy colored lighter that has CHARMY, emblem of a crown, JAPAN on the bottom. This one's flint wheel is hard to turn. On the bottom row is a HELENIX ScoreLite Japan PAT.AP. (I believe these are the #'s). On front is the SCORELITE with golf clubs crossing. Also, t are 2 places that show the score. On the back is the knob that turns to move the #'s on the front; plus t is hole above that has a 2 and an arrow above it. T is a piece in the top of the cap that closes over the

I accept cashier checks, money orders, personal checks(NO PAYPAL). If personal check, will hold 3 business days for clearance. Weight and shipping upon request; insurance optional, but suggested. Please e-mail me with any questions before bidding. Thanks, and check out my other items.

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