Collection of (10) Raptor Teeth-dinosaur fossil

Collection of (10) Raptor Teeth

This nice collection of ten small raptor teeth are identified on the first picture, from left to right as follows:

(1) Aublysodon: The first tooth is from the raptor, Aublysodon. The name Aublysodon means "backward spout tooth".

(6) Richardoestesia: The next 6 dagger shaped teeth come from the raptor, Richardoestesia. Richardoestesia teeth are easily recognized by their tiny serrations and triangle shape.

(3) Dromaeosaurus: The last 3 teeth come from the carnivore, Dromaeosaurus. The name Dromaeosaurus means "swift running lizard".

These ten teeth were all found in one piece needing no restoration. Some of the teeth have natural feeding wear. A couple of teeth have plant root etchings and are missing enamel. All ten teeth have nice detail and preservation with a dark brown coloration. All around a nice group of raptor teeth.

The largest raptor tooth (Aublysodon) measures: 5/16" of an inch wide by 5/8" of an inch in length.

The smallest raptor tooth (Richardoestesia) measures: 1/8" of an inch wide by 1/4" of an inch in length.

This collection of ten raptor teeth were dug out of a microsite in the Hell Creek Formation of Carter County, Montana. The ten fossils were collected on private ranch land with the owner's permission.

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