Collection of 16 Sylvanian family figures some clothes in played with condition

16 played with Sylvanian family figures & some clothes:-

Heres a varied selection of Sylvanian family figures that were my Daughters & have been in storage at her Grandmas for quite some time.They're in played with condition & have different degrees of condition,some have wear to their fur or a tail missing.They've been in storage many years & the dog family could do with a bit of a clean,I'm not sure how to do it as we only had the odd few that she kept at her Grandmas to entertain her there.The monkey & crocodile are in great condition.The bear family of 3 are also great & have clothes on.Theres 5 bunnies,one is great the others have lost bits of fur or a tail.Theres 3 dog members 2 of which are dressed,2 cats one wearing a green & white gingham top,both have lost bits of fur & tails.Theres a little mouse,really cute he's still got his tail but it's been chewed at the end & he's lost a little bit of fur.Theres also a pair of green dungarees a red & white gingham top & pink bottoms,all the clothes still have their little buttons.Please note these have been played with & in storage.I'm sure somebody could get some use from them or their clothes,shame to leave them in the loft.I've pointed out their faults as not to mislead anybody.

I'm also listing some varied furniture/shop
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