Collection of 17 Proof and 4 Uncirculated Lincoln Cents 1955 - 2009 -- Nice Lot!

This auction is for a collection of 17 Proof Lincoln Cents and 4 Uncirculated Lincoln Cents. The Proof cents dates are as follows;

1973s, 1975s, 1976s, 1978s,1980s, 1981s, 1991s, 1999s, 2002s, 2003s, 2004s, 2005s, 2006s, and there are 4 different 2009s Lincoln Bicentennial Cents, they are the 'log cabin', capitol building', Illinois statehouse' and the 'Lincoln seated on a log' reverses.

There are also 4 Uncirculated Lincoln Cents that are dated ; 1958d, 1955s, and 2 1982 small date cents.

These coins have been packaged and graded by the Littleton Coin Company so you can trust the quality and grading! This is a great collection of high grade cents that will make a great addition to any collection. Check the retail value of these cents and you will see that this group is being offered at a fraction of it's catalog value. I will start with a low opening bid with no reserve. Please see photo's and e-mail with any questions. Check my feedback and !