COLLECTION OF 1940 VINTAGE BASEBALL PHOTOGRAPHS 80 photographs are signed by the players. Comiskey Park is on the 1st page, then, in order of placement and ALL signed, are, the 1940 Detroit Tigers Ralph Red Kress (2), Rudy York (2), Tommy Bridges, `Schoolboy` Rowe (2), Al Benton (2) and Dizzy Trout. Then the 1940 Boston Red Sox Roger (Doc) Cramer, Earl Johnson (2), Emerson Dickman (3), Hall of Famer Bobby Doerr, John Peacock (2), Jim Tabor, Fritz Ostermueller, Lou Finney (2), Dom DiMaggio and Hall of Famer Lefty Grove. Then 1940 Cleveland Indians Luke Sewell (2), Rollie Hesley, Manager Oscar Vitt (2), Hall of Famer Bob Feller, Mel Harder, Hal Trosky, Jeff Heath (3), Ken Keltner (2), Roy Weatherly, then 6 photographs with photography dates of September 1939, of 6 different Luke Sewell positions, all signed. Then the 1940 St. Louis Browns including Elden Auker (3), Bob Harris, Roxie Lawson (2) and George Caster (2). Then 1940 St. Louis Cardinals Mike Gonzalez (2), Ernie Koy and Clyde Shoun. Then 1940 Boston Bees Carvell (Bama) Rowell, Dick Errickson (2), Eddie Miller and Bud Hassett. Then 1940 Washington Senators Walt Masterson and Arnold (Red) Anderson. Then 1940 Philadelphia Athletics Benny McCoy (2) and Frank Hayes. Then 1940 Brooklyn Dodgers, the 1st photo with illegible signature, and Cookie Lavagetto (2). Then 1940 World Series ... read more