On offer here is a great original collection of 4 late Victorian to early Edwardian shire horse dress harnesses that were hand made by quality maker of the period out of a leather & brass construction, with steel chain couplings to each end, that are just as they are shown in the auction pictures.

They have the classic brass studded design, which was so typical in this period, but sadly has no makers details to any of the items.

Three of the harnesses have an approximate overall length of 92" or 235cm long & has a strap width of just over 1" or 3cm across. The other harness measures approximately 10" or 26 cm longer than the others stated above.

There is one badge on the one harness that I believe to be Edward VII, that I have shown in detail on the final auction picture, so this would date these items to the early 1900's, but badge additions/replacements were not uncommon at any time, so I will let you decide the exact date of these items for yourselves!

These 4 vintage horse harnesses are in a fair condition for their 70+ years of age, that so show signs of much previous use & will require restoration should you wish to use them again, but are just as the auction pictures show them. There are some of the decorative studs missing, the coupling chains are covered in surface rust &
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