Collection approx 2500 pre-war English Cigarette cards all listed individually

Large collection approx 2530 english pre war cigarette cards, some complete sets but most incomplete.

All in good order I have listed them all individually below although please take all numbers as approximate, it was a long and difficult job counting them. There are some rare large hand coloured photographic ones included.

I am not an expert in cigarette cards so please ask any questions you may have.

Happy to ship worldwide.

118 John Players Cricketers of 1934

153 John Players Kings and Queens of England

127 Gilbert & Sullivan John Players

43 Household hints Wills

16 gardening hints wills

41 roses wills

1 english period costums wills

1 strange craft wills

3 wild animals heads wills

1 railway equipment wills

3 the seashore wills

2 do uyou know wills

21 polar exploration john player

47 football caricatures by mac john players

42 shots from famous films Gallaher

17 famous film scenes Gallaher

17 film episodes Gallaher

5 portraits of famous stars Gallaher

5 champions of screen and stage

60 uniforms of the territorial army john players

50 military uniforms of the british empire john players

36 sea fishes john
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