Collection Irice Perfume Bottles (36 Bottles & 2 Jars)

This is a Fabulous Collection of 36 Irice Perfume Bottles & 1 Cigarette Lighter & 1 Jewelry Jar...38 items is all.

This is a Wonderful assortment of Beautiful Colors and many different shapes & sizes.

The sizes range from 8" tall to 3 1/3" being the shortest.

Some have their original labels and some do not..but to the best of my knowledge they are all Irice's.

Any Collectors info would be kindly welcomed if you see any that are questionable.

If you are a collector that requires labels to validate authenticity then please "Do Not Bid".

T are 5 bottles that have had some embellishments added to..they are in Pic # ...# 11 & 12

The condition is wonderful on all with the exception of one..the green bottle in Pic # 7 (right front) has a sliver of glass missing

on the very bottom (underneath) of the bottle that does NOT show when displayed.

Some of these bottles still spray and others do not.

T are 3 matching sets in this collection..2 sets of Aqua Bottles & 1 set of Gold & White.

Pic # 7 ...T are 8 Purple Bottles ..some are amethyst & purple combined.

Pic # 8 ..T are 7 pinks & 1 Cranberry Cut to Clear.

Pic # 10..T are 5 Aqua's & 1 Turquoise

Pic # 9 ...T are 5 Crystal Bottles &
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