This is an outstanding, collector quality condition, vintage 1906-1912 era, factory nickel plated, GRISWOLD #6 LARGE SLANT / "ERIE" LOGO CAST IRON HEAT RING SKILLET. It bears pattern number "699B". Its upper bowl rim measures 9" diameter and its cooking surface measures 7" diameter. Its completely black iron inside bowl cooking surface exhibits its original factory high polished mirror slick and smooth to the touch finish. It lies flat when gauged with a straight edge. This pan bears a negligible tad of movement, on its heat ring, when placed on a flat surface...the result of original factory bowl manufacturing tolerances only. All underside bowl lettering is strong and unworn. There are a few small non-offensive nicks located on its unworn inset heat ring (please view enlargeable pictures #1 and #2). There are no repairs, cracks, hairline fractures, pitting, or warpage to contend with. This pan exhibits the caring usage it has received over its past century of service. It has been completely reconditioned, hand cleaned, and covered with a light coat of protective mineral oil. This mid-size, highly desirable, Griswold cast iron skillet is ready to be seasoned and put to daily use...or it can be proudly displayed from the day it is received. It will be safely packaged and shipped to any location in the United States within one business ... read more