Collectors 1991 Source Magazine: Islamic Summit Cover

The Source magazine from back in da day, March/April 1991 issue # 19. In very good condition - never read: as contributor to magazine got extra copies. "An Islamic Summit: Righteous Rappers Talk About Hip-Hop and Islam" cover feature penned by Harry Allen - with cover picture of interviewees Big Daddy Kane, Paris, & Lakim Shabazz. Also in this issue "Sex Rhymes & Videotape:THe Human Beatbox Gets Busted" and "War Kills: Why US Troops Shouldn't be in the Gulf" (this was that other war). Also in this 66 page issue of the Source (issue #19) are Funken-Klein (RIP) Gangsta Limpin column, "Rap On Campus" report, rap video report, Top 15 LP chart + Top 15 12" singles hip-hop chart + reviews of then new releases by Too $hort, Leaders of the New School (Busta), The D.O.C., Digital Underground, DJ Quik, The Genius (later GZA) and others. Plus lots of other articles and cool (in retrospect) ads plus regional reports (this eBay seller wrote one) and regional charts. Really a historical document. Back 18 hip-hop years ago, when this issue came out, people really read The Source like it was "the bible of hip-hop" in them pre-Internet days with very little hip-hop print competition. Real good condition. And if you are into this era of hip-hop mags I have many more new condition copies of other issues. Holler. -thanks for checking out this ... read more