***Collectors Edition*** (9) Barbie Dolls (Lot #6) A MUST HAVE COLLECTION!!!


All Barbies are inmint condition. Some of the boxes may have small marks or age to them but all the dolls are as good as new! The dolls have been sitting in closet for close to 20 years. This will make any Barbie collector very happy!

See list of the 9 Barbie Dolls below:

Special Edition Winter Fantasy Barbie – 1996

Special Edition Winter fantasy Barbie – 1995

Special Edition Happy Holidays Barbie – 1995

Special Edition Winter Rhapsody Barbie – 1996

Special Edition Winter Velvet Barbie – 1995

Collectors Edition Wedding Day Barbie – 1996

Limited Edition Jewel Princess Barbie – 1996

Special Edition Winter Splendor Barbie – 1998

Special Edition Sentimental Valentine Barbie - 1996

Thank you for looking at my auction.