Up for bids, RARE RARE RARE real factory modified Kodak Reflex 1a!! The popular misconception on ebay is that any original reflex should be referred to as model 1a. This is incorrect. An original Kodak Reflex, which was introduced in 1946, is simply called a Reflex - NOT A 1A!!. Four years later, after many complaints about lens clarity, Kodak developed a factory conversion w the Reflex could be returned to Kodak and the lens converted (for a hefty fee, at that time) to a Ektalite field lens. When this conversion was complete, the camera was fitted with a new model badge, KODAK REFLEX IA. Needless to say, virtually no one sent the camera, or paid the fee for this conversion. THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE KODAK REFLEX!!! This camera was sent back to Kodak in 1950 and converted, name badge and all. I can't stress this enough, not simply a Reflex, this is a true 1a. This camera is not museum quality but is in decent used shape. Shutter works, viewfinder works, all parts move as they should. I guess the biggest flaw is that the textured wrap on the camera is coming off a bit. Viewfinder is intact but has worn paint on the top, does not effect operation. Any questions, please ask!! !!!