NEW! Collector's Guide to Henry Clive

The Masquer's Touch: A Collector's Guide to Henry Clive , by Norman I. Platnick. Fifteen years in the making, this new volume attempts to bring togethereverything known about Henry Clive's printed works, including full-color images of all his known magazine covers, illustrations, and advertisements, along with the artwork that was reproduced on programs, sheet music, cards, blotters, boxes, puzzles, tins, trays, lobby cards, movie posters, and calendar prints. The volume includes about 550 images on 106 8.5x11 inch, velo-bound pages, with biographical information and a detailed index/size & price guide. Previous volumes in this well-received series have dealt with other artists from America's Golden Age of Illustration, including Coles Phillips and Valentine Sandberg, Neysa McMein, Haskell Coffin, Gene Pressler, Earl Christy, Penrhyn Stanlaws, Rolf Armstrong, Bradshaw Crandell, Zula Kenyon, Adelaide Hiebel, J. Knowles Hare, Edward Eggleston, Philip Boileau, Frank Desch. Zoe Mozert, and J. Ross Bryson.

The low-resolution images shown here (of the title page and a sample page from the magazine cover section) are designed for quick loading, and do not show the quality of the high-resolution printed pages. Please Atkinson Fox Collector's Society in Allentown PA, Oct. 3-5), and the Enchantment Ink website.

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