A-6 Colombia 1812 JF NR 1 Real KM-68.1

You are bidding on a 1 Real 1812-JF NR (KM-68.1 or Restrepo-111.5). Please take a look at the scan to judge the condition of the coin. Please realize, also, that most Colombian coins minted during its war of independence (1810-1822) were very poorly struck to begin with.The coin will be mailed from Miami, Florida, USA We Prefer to be paid via PayPal (Payments to be made to PayPal recipient´s e-mail ) but we also accept, Cashier´s and Personal checks and Cash (At your risk). Postage and Handling within USA will be $2.50 T will be P & H reductions for additional items obtained within 3 days of the ending date of this auction as follows: 1st item at full postage; 2nd item at HALF postage and 3rd and subsequent items at ONE QUARTER postage each. (The “first item” will always be the heaviest in weight and also please let us know, in advance, of your intention of bidding on other items within the 3 days time frame). INSURANCE, within USA is OBLIGATORY if the item or items reach a total price of $25.oo or more. It will be optional otherwise. Insurance costs are $2.00 for up to $50.oo, $2.50 for up to $100 and $3.00 for up to $200 of insured value. From $201 to 300 of insured value the cost is $5.00 and it goes up by one additional dollar for each additional $100 of insured value. Postage and handling via REGULAR air mail for OTHER countries ... read more