Antique, Colombo & Sons accordion. Light green mother of pearl finish with a heavily decorated panel. Eagle on the panel above the name, Colombo & Sons, lots of scrolling work with lots of tiny rhinestones. One of the white keys is broken and repaired, please see photo 10. Other than that, I can not find any other damage. I am sure it could use a professional cleaning, tuning and possibly have the straps replaced and the one white key replaced. It does play and the tone sounds good to me, but I am definitely not an expert. The bellows do not have any tears that I can see and seem to be in good shape. T are 80 buttons on the side. It measures 15 1/2" across the white keys and 17" total width. The case is in sad shape, as you can see, and if you do not want it, I will ship the accordion separately.

T is not a lot of information available on the internet about this company. The company was called "Colombo & Sons Accordion Factory" and they were in San Francisco, California. I believe they made accordions from 1900, or the early 1900's until 1954. I am not sure what age this one is.

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