You know the history.
All have read about the founding of America. History shows what led to the cry for independence and American Revolution. The history is clear; t is no real dispute over these events.
Or is t?
T is a secret history, dealing with events that took place in the shadows. These events played a role in the history of the American colonies and the Revolution that few know about. The truth is hidden, and plots are afoot. Events are moving behind the scenes, and agents lurking in the shadows with their own agendas. War is coming. The Siege of Boston is lifted, and General Washington is leading the Continental Army to New York. Enemies are everyw, but who they are, no one knows.
Newly revised and expanded, this edition of Colonial Gothic builds upon what has come before and also presents new options and guidelines for running a supernatural historical horror roleplaying game set during the dawn of the American Revolution.
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