These rare hand written colonial New York shipping instructions are titled "New York Nov. 13th 1733". The large 4 page letter is written on two pages and the last leaf has a large British watermark (see last picture). The letter is written by Henry Cuyler to his son Henry Cuyler. The letter starts:

"Hon. Henry Cuyler, Included you have invoice and ----- of loading Sundays provisions some lumber x 65lb coke tea ship aboard the schooner Mary Thomas ---- bound for Antigo Timour to as invoice 404 which being all consigned to you, and in your ----- to Mr. Jacob Thibou March. T, when please God you arrive ---- at desired port then sell my goods to the best you can for you know the flower is of the best Albany flower, at your safe arrival please to advise with Mr. Thibou, if the markets are likely to rise or fall if you meet with a good saving price then sell of as vast as you Kan. Buy it low than retail make the most of your cargo. If you do decline to stay in Antigo and find you kan --- the inn a 15. That on then you may lay out the ---- part of --- money, Rum and some sugar, but let the sugar be good but if you find that Rum and sugar are skares & dear then land the schooner down to Turtola with --- -- ----- - ---- other goods Mr. Thibou shall advise you to land to purchase 40 or 60 tons of rustick wood....

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