Colorado Gold Paydirt

Real and RARE Colorado Gold from the heart of The Colorado Gold Rush.
This Glory Hole is, as you can see, at least 12 feet deep. Exposing truly ancient material. The gold is good. I've done well from this hole. Now I've come to realize others might want some of the raw material from this GLORY HOLE. I'm offering it in 1 pound bags, untouched. I HAVE NOT GONE THROUGH THIS MATERIAL. IT IS FRESH "VIRGIN" MATERIAL.
You, as a bidder, need to realize you might get even more gold than you are paying for, or you might get less. It is fresh unworked material from a hole known to produce nice Colorado Gold. I chose 1 pound bags because I generally get nice color from that amount of this material. You're not gonna hit the "mother lode" from a 1 pound bag, that's just the real truth. Anyone who claims you will is simply lying. But, this is wonderful paydirt and you will find some color for your money. We have classified this material down to remove large rocks. Also, MY PAYDIRT IS BONE DRY, SO YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR WATER WEIGHT. I dont sell twigs, sticks or wet moldy mud. I am not in the "paydirt business" as you can see by my auction history, however, I feel I have something people may want, so I offer this auction for your consideration. Enjoy. Gold Fever! Thanks, Matt.
UPDATE!!!! I'm getting some very good feedback about
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