Beautiful Colored German Etchings Signed by the Artist

Offered are two beautiful etched color prints signed by the artist in the lower right-hand corner. Both prints measure 8"x10" and printed on a heavy-stock paper. The first one is of Meersburg Obertor and is a beautiful rendition of the High Gate. I don't know the locaton of the second print but it appears to be done by the same artist judging by the handwriting. I am not familiar with this artist. Both etchings are glued to cardboard stock. The colors are crisp and sharp and the paper shows no marks, tears, or bleed through. It appears that they were kept out of sunlight and well cared for. The number 1621 is penciled on the back of the Meersburg Obertor print. Both ready to be framed and enjoyed!

Since this listing involves a subject I'm not familiar with, they are being sold "as is" with no returns allowed. Thanks for looking.