Why buy a 9x12 or 10x13 just to cover it up with furniture? Buying a smaller rug, like the one featured , opens your entire rug to view and to be enjoyed by you and your guests. It is better for the life of the rug as well, since you can rotate it periodically and clean the entire surface (and back) which will discourage moth and rot from settling in.

BAKHTIARI - Named after the nomadic tribes who live near Isfahan, the Bakhtiari are a mixed group of nomads and villagers of Luri, Kurdish, Armenian, Turkoman and other ethnic origins, who now occupy the Chahar Mahal region of south and central Persia. These rugs are very popular owing to their bright coloring and original designs. The Bakhtiari palette is usually dominated by deep red, bright blues, yellow ochre, bottle green, orange ochre and browns. Vegetable dyes and good quality wool are used and the warp is mainly cotton, although sometimes goat hair is found. These rugs are extremely durable, with a heavy and dense handle. Bakhtiaris are made in all sizes and the field has either a central medallion or is divided into many squares enclosing flowers, trees and miniature prayer rugs. Perhaps the finest and most definitive expression of the garden pattern is encountered in the rugs of the Bakhtiari tribe.

Offered is a fine antique Persian Bakhtiar circa 1900. This
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