Mint condition Jewel Porcelain Glaze Rookwood vase by Elizabeth Barrett. Artistically rendered in a Modern Style that Rookwood was pursuing in the mid 1940's with Ms. Barrett, Jens Jenson, and John Wareham in the forefront of this decorative element. Dated 1944, Ms. Barrett was in her third year of returning as a Rookwood Decorator after working at Rookwood for a seven year period prior to the Great Depression during which saw a layoff of many of Rookwood's decorators. This vase is shape number 6879 and Ms. Barrett has incised her decorator's mark on the bottom below the shape number.

This vase is gaily decorated with a stylized bright canary yellow flower which repeats on the opposing side of the vase. The five petaled flowers are outlined and highlighted in a complementary brown slip. The central portion of each flower petal is also done in brown slip. Each flower is joined by two Modern inspired leaves in very heavy chocolate brown slip with lighter brown slip highlights for the stems and leaf veins. The heavy slip provides a wonderful texture and contrast to the softly done flowers. All of this integrated decoration stands out on the high glaze ivory background. The very rim of this vase form is also highlighted in the chocolate brown slip used on the leaves. The very center of the canary yellow flowers also has a dab
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