Colorful Vintage 35 Item LOT Costume Jewelry Coro Paolo

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Colorful Vintage 35 Item LOT Costume Jewelry Coro Paolo

Welcome! Very pleased to present for auction, this colorful 35 item LOT of vintage costume jewelry. As I was taking the photo's for this listing, I kept breaking into song with "Somew over the rainbow....". This LOT is nice eye candy with the various textures and combination of color hues. This LOT is also prime for the ole' mix n' match exercise, t are a few examples in the photo's to get you started but the rest is up to you! T are some signed pieces in this LOT by "Coro", "Napier", Paolo", and "LCI" to name a few. All locking mechanisms, clasps, pins, etc., are all in fine working order and the condition of the items in this LOT are great, gently used vintage condition. Get comfortable because we all know whats next, the description. (did I just hear a few groans out t?) I will try to be brief.

35 Items of vintage, along with a few more current items of vintage costume jewelry:

The Blue Group: (1) powder blue, double strand, 22 inch plastic beads necklace, joined with an oval , hand crafted , multiple blues brooch, signed "Aultmann". The blending of these two pieces just make your eyes dance, nice! An additional brooch, with a gold tone finish and an emerald cut blue rhinestone. (2) pair of earrings, both screw
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