Colt ANNUAL MAN Desk Calendar 83 Nick Chase Mike Davis

COLT STUDIO - The Annual Man Desk Calendar 1983, photography by Jim French
How hot is this? And how hard to find? It's Colt Studios' Annual Man Desk Calendar for 1983, photographed by Jim French, and featuring 57 photographs by this glass chronicler of gay male erotica. The annual man calendars were a bit more discreet and featured only artistic semi-nude shots, but were nonetheless just about as hot as hot could possibly get, and often featured models shot by French that didn't appear in any of his other calendars, photosets or other publications. I don't know the names of every guy , but 's who I recognize: cover hunk Nick Chase; Stoner/Bill Cable; Jean-Robert LeCocq; Mike Davis; Byron Hawkwood; Peter Joshua; Sam Dekker; Mark Edwards; Cory Elliot; Franco Kier/Tony Ward; Brian Dexter; Ryan Kilgore; Kip Horn; Adam Hammer; Roy Stagg; Wayne Gentry; Pat Sutton; John Corvello; Rock Pamplin; King Donovan; Marty Palmer; Matt Cromwell; Sonny Lord; Rod Kasznar; Gunner Hyde; Harley Cantrell; Monte Crown; Neal Shaw; Stacy/Roger Callard; and many more. What makes this copy of the calendar even more interesting is that it comes from a friend of mine who worked with Colt and other gay adult entertainment companies like In Touch magazine in 1983. From May to June, t are date notations from the owner of appointments with models, editors,
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