The Colt Model 1905 Automatic Pistol Book-M1907-1st ED


by John Potocki


A complete survey, with variations and serial numbers, of this often misunderstood firearm, along with supplemental coverage of the Colt M1907 auto pistol and a facsimile copy of the Thompson-LaGarde report. A MUST-HAVE for every Colt or military firearms enthusiast!

The Colt Model 1905 automatic pistol is widely misunderstood, and most of the published material about it has been inaccurate. This comprehensive book establishes the true production history of the M1905, complete with all its variations and design changes.

The author covers all aspects of the M1905 pistol, including its invention by the legendary John Browning, ammunition, sights, accessories, markings, ads and literature, and more. Also included is a facsimile copy of the government report that led to the development of this pistol---the Thompson-LaGarde report---as well as important new information regarding the military Colt M1907 automatic pistol.

Readers will especially value the M1905 serial number table, which the author has carefully compiled from an extensive survey of surviving examples. The text of this book is illustrated with clear, large black and white photographs.

Table of Contents:

Chapter I: Some Pertinent History
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