COLTONS Silhouette Series 20-book lot SUMMER READING!

20-book lot
Silhouette Multi-Author Series

The Details

Meet the Coltons -- a California dynasty with a legacy of privilege and power. Family legend has it that when an heirloom diamond-and-sapphire necklace is placed on the right Colton bride, the sapphires -- symbols of truth, sincerity and faithfulness -- glow a clear azure blue. And that's just the first book! Woven through several titles is the mystery of a murder attempt on the family patriarch. Of course, this is no ordinary dynastic family... t are 5 natural children, 7 foster children, and an assortment of nieces, nephews, and in-laws (how else could they come up with 30 related stories?). Of course, California isn't big enough for all these stories, so t are several stories that occur in Wyoming, Montana, Oklahoma, and Texas ('cause you can't have a dynastic family unless some of the clan are in Texas).

Silhouette has started publishing new stories in this ever-popular series. 's your chance to catch up on much of the back story! These stories are written by several of Harlequin and Silhouette's most popular writers.

Included in this lot are 20 of the 30 titles published to date, listed in order of publication. Also included in this table are the titles which are not included. They are noted with an N/A designation. I've
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