Coltrane - Classic Quartet Complete Impulse Studio Rec

8 CD Box Set with booklet and metal sleeve. The discs look new. Shipping is $6.
There have been many Coltrane compilations and box sets over the years since the saxophonist's passing in 1967, but this eight-CD complete collection of his quartet's studio recordings between 1961 and 1965 is the must-have. Jazz may be a music blessed with dazzling soloists, but few groups in its history seem up to perfectly matching the intentions of their leaders: Louis Armstrong 's Hot Five and Hot Seven, Bill Evans 's trio of 1960-61, and Miles Davis 's mid-60's quintet are among the few that immediately come to mind. Coltrane's quartet of pianist McCoy Tyner , drummer Elvin Jones , and bassist Jimmy Garrison was another, a group so perfectly matched to his playing that it seems difficult to imagine him without them. Tyner, for example, immerses the group in restless chords and showers of single notes; Jones plays with stentorian power, yet tempers his playing with well-etched detail and a strong sense of melody; and Garrison anchors the quartet with drones and deeply rooted vamps. So powerful was the quartet's conception that even when ringers like Art Davis and Roy Haynes turn up on a couple of tracks, they, too, carry out Coltrane's aims, their individual differences worked into the scheme. On the 66 tracks included in this set (all now remastered)
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