Columbia River Flavio Ikoma Fossil Large Folding Knife Satin Blade 5471 New CRKT

These are brand New Mint in the box!

Makes all your other stylish knives extinct.
Flavio Ikoma's latest folding knife looks like a T-rex on stainless steel steroids. The Fossil™ is one part hard core, one part gorgeous and one part 12,000 pound flesh-eating dinosaur.
The Fossil™ combines the best from designer Flavio Ikoma. With styling cues found on his previous Sampa™ and Carajas™ models, the Fossil™ ramps up the artistic flair to create a piece that is clearly Ikoma, yet distinctively a new breed of EDC folder.
The pocket knife features an IKBS ball bearing system, combined with an opening flipper for silky smooth blade deployment. The flipper turns into a handsome finger guard when the blade is open. A thumb hole cutout in the blade gives you a second option for opening the knife. This model of the Fossil™ has a non-reflective, black EDP coating that adds durability to the blade. Veff Serrations™ make quick work of rope, webbing and other fibrous materials. The handles of the Fossil™ are stainless steel with a unique hammer finish. The knife locks open solidly with a frame lock. Duo-tone G10 scales add contour and grip to the handle. The pocket clip is tip-up carry only.
The Fossil™ has the beauty of a museum piece combined with the shear muscle of a prehistoric carnivore. Specifications Dimensions Open
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