Columbian Exposition - Ferris Wheel Token - Eglit 20

I tem For sale is an aluminum token (Eglit 20) showing the Ferris Wheel on the obverse, and the busts of Columbus and Ferris on the reverse.
Token size is 38mm (1 1/2 inches) in diameter.
Condition As I am not a certified appraiser, I can not give you an official grading on the token, however I would myself describe it as in great condition. It does have a few nicks but it shows little wear for its age.
History What La Tour Eiffel was to the Paris Exposition of 1889, the Ferris Wheel was to the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. Located near the center of the Midway, it was a giant that stood above all else at the fair. It was built by the engineer George G. W. Ferris despite the censures of a host of engineers and experts who insisted that a construction of such magnitude would surely collapse under its own great weight. Such did not happen.
On December 16, 1892, final arrangements were consummated to allow the construction of the wheel on the Midway. This allowed about 4 1/2 months (on May 1, 1893, the exposition would open to the public) to forge the parts of the wheel, transport them all to the fair site, and then assemble the wheel. Few people besides George Ferris and his backers could imagine that such an enormous undertaking could be accomplished in such a short time. Although the May 1 deadline
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