Columbus Quincentenary 1992 Proof 3-coin set $5 Gold $1 Silver & Half Dollar

The Columbus Quincentenary Coins 1992 Proof Set
1992 P Silver $1 Dollar Coin
1992 WP Gold $5 Dollar Coin
1992 S Half Dollar Coin
These historical collectibles are produced by the United States Mint and are specifically designed and created to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of Columbus' Discovery of the New World. These coins are legal tender of the United States. This set comes in a plush green display box, the Certificate of Authenticity, and a box sleeve.
The Columbus Quincentenary was honored on three U.S. coins:
Mint sculptor John Mercanti designed the silver dollar obverse, which features a full-length figure of Columbus beside a globe, with his ships above. The reverse, by Mint sculptor Thomas D. Rogers Sr., is a split image of the Santa Maria and the U.S. space shuttle Discovery . 26.73 grams total weight, 90% silver .76 troy oz, 10% copper.
The $5 gold coin obverse, designed by Mint sculptor T. James Ferrell, bears a portrait of Columbus facing a map of the New World. The reverse, by Mint sculptor Thomas D. Rogers Sr., shows the Crest of the Admiral of the Ocean Sea. 8.359 grams total weight, 90% gold. 0.24 troy oz., 6% silver, 4% copper.
The copper-nickel half dollar, designed by Mint sculptor T. James Ferrell, depicts Columbus landing in the New World on the obverse, and his three ships

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