COMBAT SAMBO Training Series (11) DVD Set Tony Lopez

Training Series
(11) DVD Set
with Tony Lopez
This series begins by building ultimate speed, power, agility, flexibility, relexes, strength, balance, coordination, stamina, and then takes you through a variety of techniques including blocking and striking, assorted leg and arm locks, plus self defense and ground fighting.
Vol 1: Total body workout routine
Vol 2: Blocking and striking techniques
Vol 3: Leg, ankle, & foot locks
Vol 4: Armbar and wrist locks
Vol 5: Leg lock and arm lock fighting combinations
Vol 6: Chokes, headlocks, and neck cranks
Vol 7: Throws, sweeps, and takedowns
Vol 8: Street self defense
Vol 9: Street fighting dirty tricks
Vol 10: Defensive ground fighting
Vol 11: Offensive ground fighting

US = $10.00
Canada = $12.00
International = $15.00