Comicon 1976 rare booklet Kevin O'Neill Brian Bolland Frank Hampson John Burns

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Comicon 1976 - rare British Comic Convention Booklet

Full of unpublished-elsewhere art!

Condition: VF-

Full contents:

"In memory Frank Bellamy 1917-1976"
Barry Windsor Smith "Britannia - Gorblimey Press" art 1pg, John Romita "Captain Britain (early design?) & Captain America" art 1pg, Frank Hampson "Dan Dare & Treen capturing Digby" art 1pg, John Burns "Danielle" art 1pg, Mike Higgs "Moonbird" art & photo 1pg, Herb Trimpe "Captain Britain - Coming Soon!" advert 1pg, Dave Gibbons "Self-portrait at the drawing board, Powerman & cartoon cat" art & text 1pg, Guy Lawley "Six-armed warrior - Glimpse no.4" fanzine advert 1pg, Kevin O'Neill "Legend Horror Classics, Mek Memoirs & Just Imagine" art & photo 1pg, Denis Gifford "A Day in the Life of Denis Gifford" strip 1pg, Ken Simpson "The Avenger" art 1pg, Brian Bolland "Brian Bolland, Justice League of America, Conan, Powerman, Doctor Who reading 'Skinn Mag' at the Comicon" art (in style of JLA no.1 cover with many references to fandom) 1pg, John Bolton "Father Shandor" art 1pg, Martin Asbury "Six Million Dollar Man" art 1pg, Bryan Talbot "Brain Storm Comix" advert 1pg, Hunt Emerson "Skeleton" art 1pg, Brian Lewis "Millipede creature
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