Commercial Playground Merry-Go-Round, Fully Functioning, Good Bearings.

This is a vintage Merry-Go-Round I bought for my grandson years ago. It is almost 10 feet in diameter, it has 8 stations but can entertain many more than 8 riders at one time. It would be an asset to any playground. There is some rust, not damaging type of rust, still some paint on it. A little sandblasting and paint would do wonders for presentation but kids don't care.
The base is made of three pieces so it is not too heavy to maneuver. All of the stations can be removed easily. It is currently bolted to a cement block in my yard with 4 substantial bolts and nuts. Easy to release.
A muscle-head used two of the handle bars to move it with my tractor so they are bent. It is easy to have them straightened - a blacksmith, a welder or a good muffler shop can do it.
It looks like the steel washer around the bearings is slightly fractured but I had it checked and the bearings replaced and the man did not seem to think it was a problem. Perhaps it is suppose to be that way, it is very thick steel. See picture.
The plate over the bearings is pitted rusty but it's easy to sand or replace. It is made of thinner metal than the other components.
If you install it on a slant, you get the hills and dales effect, it is not hard to install on any plane.
I am not shipping or arranging shipping of the Merry-Go-round,
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