Commodore 64 Computer & 1541 Floppy Drive Plus Accessories

Up for auction is a vintage Commodore 64 home computer plus accessories. The auction includes the main system unit, the floppy drive, power supply, floppy drive and composite video/audio cable, power supply and power cables, joystick, Cardco G+ parallel printer interface, manuals/programming guides, and sixteen 5.25" floppies' worth of games and utilities. I'll also throw in the assorted promo material I have (circa 1984), which includes the original Commodore advertising flyer plus two Run Magazine poster-sized programming reference guides (used for programming in Commodore BASIC - POKE and PEEK codes, keyboard combo shortcuts, etc , etc ). As shown in the pictures, the system is in great condition, and still loads and runs the games included from the 1541 floppy drive. One caveat is the Amdek Color I CRT monitor pictured - it is quite heavy, and I will include it as a bonus in the sale price of the auction with the understanding that it may be somewhat expensive to ship (as is typical, the shipping cost will be included in the final price should you decide to have me include the monitor). Overall, this is a really fun system to play with, and even staging it for the pictures I took for this auction brought back many great memories from when I was a kid. Please
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