Commodore C64, 2 drives, complete system

Commodore C-64, 2 disk drives, Joystick, Working
Very nice example of a C-64, featuring:
computer 2 - 1541 disk drives - drive 8 & 9 - working properly external power brick all connecting cables for drives and monitor (monitor NOT included)
C-64 User's guide - fair condition C-64 Programmer's Reference Guide - complete but poor condition Compute's Machine Language Routines for the C-64 Compute's Second book of Commodore 64 Fast Load cartridge

Nice working example of an oldie but goodie computer. Thoroughly tested and working properly. User's guide and other books to get you started and reference. I will include some floppy disks but no guaranty on their working. There is a great deal of software available for the Commodore on the internet.