Commonwealth CA-15 Kangaroo - 1:72 - Wings Models

WM72079 - Commonwealth CA-15 Kangaroo fighter - 1:72 - Wings Models

This item is a new, unassembled, 1/72 scale vacuform model of Australia's long-range, medium-altitude, High-performance fighter, the CA-15 Kangaroo. Although a mock-up was completed in 1942, many engine change and other proposals delayed the CA-15's completion for several years - finally, the evolved general outline and appearance strongly resembled the USA's P-51D fighter - though the CA-15 was more massive and had a more sloping nose. Dubbed the "Kangaroo", this aircraft flew until 1950; it was 36'-2.5" long with a wingspan of 36'-0", was armed with six wing-mounted .50 caliber machine guns and 10 wing-mounted rockets, had a range of 2,540 miles and a speed of 442 mph; it makes a model about 6 inches long with a wingspan of about 6 inches. This kit is the ONLY kit currently available for the Commonwealth CA-15 in ANY scale.

This kit is by Wings Models, well-known for high-quality vacuformed model kits! All kits by Wings Models are cavity-molded for maximum detail of surface features such as panel lines. Most kits include historical information and illustrations to help you properly detail your model. Many kits include decal sheets and cast metal or resin detail parts such as props, engines, wheels, exhausts, guns, etc. Try one! Wings Models, LLC,
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