The Communist Paper The Worker, Bound Volume Complete, July To December, 1961

This lot consists of a bound volume of every issue of the weekly Communist paper, The Worker, issued from Sunday, July 2, 1961 to Sunday, December 31, 1961 for a total of 27 issues. Originally, the Communist Party's official U. S. organ was the The Daily Worker, which was issued five times a week from Monday through Friday (no Saturday edition) and which had started up in 1924. The Worker served as their weekend paper coming out on Sunday only. The paper suffered hard times in the 1950's as the result of the anti-Communist crusades of the period and because of internal dissension within the paper itself over the Soviet suppression of the Hungarian Revolution. The Daily Worker ceased publication in 1956, but the Sunday version, The Worker, was revived in 1958 and continued through 1968. The Party introduced a new paper in 1968 called The Daily World. Among the more notable contributors to The Daily Worker were Richard Wright, Woody Guthrie, and Louis Budenz. In addition to political news, it also carried a sports section and, for a while, a Sunday cartoon comic. Preserved issues of the paper are scarce, particularly in a complete run such as this. A wonderful collection for any historian of Communist, Socialist, Civil Rights, or left-wing politics or for a library seeking to expand its holdings.

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