Community Plate-Vintage Set of ONEIDA Silverware in Box

'Community Plate' Vintage Set of Silverware in

ORIGINAL Community Plate Anti Tarnish Case ONEIDA LTD.

w/Good Housekeeping SEAL *of Approval*

normal wear for silverware that is 60/70 years old ... this set is from early 1940's ... belonged to my grandmother! Box is much more worn...lots of scratches, but is still together with anti-tarnish lining.

Pattern is a pretty shell swirl that sort of shapes into a rose with dots and squares around it...almost resembles an ART DECO design.

Various silver pieces missing...

is a list of the pieces that are included and make the matching set:

6 Dinner Knives 5 Small Butter Knives 1 Large Butter/Spread Knife 5 Dinner Forks 6 Salad Forks 6 Soup Spoons 11 Teaspoons 1 Small Broth Spoon 2 Large Serving Spoons Hope the photos fill in w I haven't...please feel free to ask questions. I will answer the best I can. Thank you and happy eBay day!