Compact Stove Top Moonshine Still 4 gallon (16 QT pot)

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This is a new hand crafted custom home made stove top moonshine still or other distilling projects that you may enjoy doing. It is made from stainless steel and copper. Lead free; no toxic material was used in the building of the still.

The 4 gallon (16 QT) pot is made of stainless. The Thumper top is 2 gallon and made of stainless steel . All parts on the inside of the thumper is made of copper and is seal and has a clean out value for easy cleaning.

The thumper top sit on the pot during cooking. Using a paste made of corn meal, flour and water seals in the steam forcing the steam into the thumper to be process though the 10 foot copper coil. The heat from the pot cook the paste giving it a stronger seal.

You will not be adding water to the thumper during the cooking doing so will stop the process. It is ok to add a little liquor to the thumper to give it a jump start.

You can use a old pot or a tin coffee can as your condenser container to hold the ice for cooling the 10' copper coil. The metal container that is holding the ice in the picture
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