competitive figure skates(size 7 1/2)

you're bidding on pre-owned competitive figure skates that costed $430 and t in great condition. the blades are like brand new and have no rust on the what so ever. the skates come with the terry soakers in the picture t brand new and have no cuts on them. these skates are jackson freestyle with a few cuts on the boot but are not seen from faraway. the skates are a womens size 7 and 1/2. these skates have been in the box they came in for a couple years and would like them to go to a skates who needs them if the price is too much contact me and ill make the price cheaper for that person if interested.

good luck to all bidders

plz feel free to contact me thx

these are the newer verison of the jackson freestyle boot great and the blades were bought seperate due to the type of boot bought