Complete 100ft Zip Line Kit,Speed Ctrl,Trolley,Harness,Stop Block,Cable- X2-H100

Get the ONLY backyard zip line kit with EVERY safety feature INCLUDED !

The Alien Flier X2 is designed to be sleek, fast, and easy to use! Our X2 Trolley easily pops on and off the line - simply pull out the handles and lift off the line. X2's trigger Speed Control system lasts for an AMAZING number of runs! When you do have to change the pad, it's as simple as taking out one screw and rotating. Our sturdy, fully adjustable harness will fit children and adults alike! *For Riders Up to 220 lbs.*

The X2-H100 Kit includes everything you need for your 100 foot zip line :
X2 Trolley with Speed Control, Pop N' Snap* Harness Adapter, Fully adjustable Harness Seat, Safety Stop Block, Shock Cord, Tow Rope and our 100' EZUp Cable Kit. (Handle colors may vary.)

* Alien Flier's Pop N' Snap ring is a star feature of our new X2 trolley. It safely locks our one-piece handles into place, allows for quick seat changes and easy trolley removal. This, along with our EZUp Cable System, makes the Alien Flier X2 completely PORTABLE and thoroughly DURABLE!