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Complete Aerogel Sp Display Kit
The Aerogel Sp™ What Is It? You are bidding on the Aerogel Sp™ kit containing a demonstration sample of silica aerogel; the first and best-known aerogel. This aerogel is similar to the aerogel in NASA’s Stardust comet probe and the Mars Rover. Use the Aerogel Sp™ to explore aerogels and their properties. The Aerogel Sp™ kit contains a high-quality silica aerogel sample that has been specially manufactured in a distinctive spherical shape . Because of its shape, the Aerogel Sp™ can be easily handled without damage. In fact, this aerogel form is so stable that is bounces like a ball and produces a ringing sound with each bounce. It can be used for demonstrations, scientific study, or for display. The Aerogel Sp™ is a solid silica aerogel sp just over one inch in diameter and weighs slightly more than one gram (about 98 % air). It has excellent optical clarity. Why go elsew only to find aerogel fragments, broken pieces, granules, and other aerogel cast-offs when you can now own the distinctive Aerogel Sp™! What Do I Get in the Box? The Aerogel Sp™ kit comes complete with everything you need to display and explore aerogel solids. The kit contains the following: One Aerogel Sp™. One fully transparent container for display and storage of your Aerogel Sp™. One color brochure describing the Aerogel
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