COMPLETE ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION Volume Two (1944-1960) 202 Issues on 5 DVDs

THE COMPLETE ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION Volume Two (1944-1960) - 202 Issues - 5 DVD Set
Bonus: The entire "X Minus One" radio series (1955-1958) 129 episodes.
Offered today is a fabulous collection of the final 202 vintage issues of the landmark sci-fi magazine Astounding Science Fiction, digitally scanned for viewing on a computer or tablet. Each issue has been scanned cover-to-cover with all of the original illustrations, old advertisements, letters to the editor, etc, as well as all of the great stories.
We have done our best to include scans of the nicest available copies of each individual issue for this collection. Ours is the only set currently available which includes every single issue of this magazine. Many issues are completely restored with whiter pages than the original pulps. Others are straight scans, brown pages and all. A few scans are less than perfect. In all cases, however, the magazines are completely readable from cover-to-cover. All of the magazine covers, for every issue, have been completely restored to their original beauty. A few of these restored covers are shown in this listing.
Astounding Stories went through several phases in it's history. Volume One covered the magazine's early days and the beginnings of legendary editor John Campbell's era, which started in 1938. The magazine began
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