Complete bridle with Roy Robinson correction bit

Nice lightly used complete one ear bridle with Colorado and Texas bit and spur maker,Roy Robinson made correction,stainless steel bit with loose cheeks,loose mouth and medium to high port,,nice flat chain chin strap. The bit is marked Roy on both shanks. Roy stopped making bits a while back and these are a rare find now .The leather is in good shape and is soft and a good quality. This is just a nice using bit,bridle ready to go to work. The port is 2 inches,the shanks are 5 inches from the mouth peice to the end and 8 inches from top to bottom. The mouth is 5 1/2 inches wide. The port breaks into three sections,a long shanked snaffle with a port.

My ex husband bought this bit and left it in the barn when he left. So I am now selling it as I don't use it.

Thank you for looking and happy bidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!