Complete FKS 1971/1972 Wonderful World Soccer Stars Football Sticker Album 71/72

You are bidding on a completed The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Picture Stamp Album for the 1971/72 season by FKS.
The album covers all the teams of the old First Division.
Each page has pictures of 15 players, a sticker of the team badge and some basic team information (Founded, Ground, Manager and the years of any League and FA Cup wins).
The pictures are glued across the top edge only; and lifting the picture gives more facts and figures about the player.
The cover is creased in places and the rear cover has a couple of patches (approx 4mm x 1cm and an "L" shape 1cm x 1cm with the bars about 3mm wide) where the cover picture has been lost.
The spine and the corners the spine link are showing signs of contact wear
The vertical page edges on the opening side are a little faded and showing signs of contact in places.
The two middle pages have come lose and were held in with sellotape - the tape has discoloured the centre of the pages (see bottom page image of the Manchester squads) but not impacted on the pictures.
The order form for those missing pictures has been used and one score has been entered in the score cross reference grid
I have tried to describe the album condition fully and have realistically homed in on and over-reported the negatives to structure expectations.
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