If you own an early WWII, M1 Garand, manufactured before mid 1943, then you will want to own this item.

Up for sale, is a complete, original USGI, cleaning kit.

The kit consists of the following items:

Nickel plated brass, type 2 oiler, with 90 % intact nickel finish, and just a few small dings in the tube (see pictures).

M3 combination tool.

Unissued brass cleaning thong, and patches,

Horsehair bore brush and M31 general purpose brush,

Lubriplate A-130 grease pot.

I have seen a lot of cleaning kits online, claiming to be "complete WWII buttstock kits", which contain everything except the kitchen sink, including items that were not available during WWII, as well as non USGI items , and which will also not all fit in the buttstock, as they contain too many, and mismatched items.

This kit contains only items which would be correct for the time period I listed above. In 1943, a number of the items were changed. The metal oiler was replaced with the long plastic oiler, the brass thong was replaced with steel, and the M3 combination tool was replaced with the M3A1 tool, which had a chamber cleaning brush instead of the slotted patch holder for chamber cleaning.

The shipping cost includes insurance, which I require for this item