Complete Pokemon 1st Edition Team Rocket Set Charizard!

For sale is a FULL Complete 1st Edition Pokemon Original Team Rocket set of cards. You will receive all 83 (Includes the Ultra Rare Dark Raichu Holographic Star card that is numbered 83/82) cards from the set, including all holographics, rares, uncommons, commons, trainers, energy, and Pokemon cards. All cards are 1st Edition stamped . This was the very first set ever printed that featured Dark Pokemon. The entire set is in Near Mint/Mint condition. You will receive the cards encased in sleeves. To be more detailed, all the 83 cards from the 1st Edition Team Rocket set listed below that you will receive.
These cards preceed the EX series and are out of print and hard to obtain in a complete set form. We are selling off many old complete sets and other rare Pokemon cards, including EX, LV X Holos, 1st Edition Base set cards, Japanese Promos, and much more. So please check our other items if you are interested.

01. Dark Alakazam Rare Holofoil 02. Dark Arbok Rare Holofoil 03. Dark Blastoise Rare Holofoil 04. Dark Charizard Rare Holofoil 05. Dark Dragonite Rare Holofoil 06. Dark Dugtrio Rare Holofoil 07. Dark Golbat Rare Holofoil 08. Dark Gyrados Rare Holofoil 09. Dark Hypno Rare Holofoil 10. Dark Machamp Rare Holofoil 11. Dark Magneton Rare Holofoil 12. Dark Slowbro Rare Holofoil 13. Dark Vileplume Rare Holofoil 14. Dark
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