Complete Pokemon Dialga Ex Deck

This is a complete Pokemon deck based around Bronzong's Metal Links ability to power up big damage dealers quickly. This is a tournament legal deck for the Pokemon standard format (and extended) for the 2014-2015 season. This item will be shipped in new Ultra PRO deck sleeves, and will be shipped in a new Ultra PRO deck box. This item includes the following cards:
3x Dialga EX 2x Mewtwo EX (1x Next Destinies, 1x Legendary Treasures) 2x Cobalion EX 2x Aegislash EX 4x Bronzor 4x Bronzong 1x Heatran 1x Cobalion
1x Escape Rope 1x Switch 1x Float Stone 1x Professor's Letter 2x Max Potion 3x Battle Compressor 4x Ultra Ball
2x Shauna 2x Colress (1x Reverse Foil Promo) 4x Professor Juniper 4x N (1x Reverse Foil)
4x Steel Shelter
4x Double Colorless Energy 8x Basic Metal Energy (1x League Promo)