Complete River terrain set !; Flames of War, Warhammer, 40k, mini gaming terrain

Here is a complete 7-piece River Terrain set. There are 5 straight pieces (including ONE FORD PIECE), and TWO curved pieces. Each is fully flocked, grassed, and looks REAL!

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These are very sturdy pieces, and are mounted on solid hard-board (wood) base! They have, clump flock, and string flock for tall grass been fully flocked with a mix of green and brown earth flock. The mid-tone color will match most landscape terrain. The water has a shine to it and looks very real. PLeanty of small rocks adorn the rivers sides and in the middle, as the water can be seen flowing around them.1 piece is a ford, and features a more narrow river area, and lots more rocks for troops to walk on! Each straight piece measures 8" x 5", and the width of the actual river is 2.5" to 3". The two curved pieces are much longer over all then the straight pieces (aout 3-4" longer) There are enough pieces to stretch across the short side of the table, as well as cut off a corner. Has a nice weighted feel to it, so it won't slip around the table a whole lot. Like most of our terrain pieces, it has been give 2-3 coats of green and brown shades of flock! So it is meant to last! A perfect add to any
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