Complete set of 1940s Slingerland Radio King Snare Hardware (just add shell)

Up for auction is a complete set of Slingerland Radio King hardware in nickel plating.
I bought this (with the shell) years ago. An acquaintance and drum expert said he'd get the shell back in round for me and then disappeared. It was a 7x14 WMP from the '40s. So this is what's left.
Inventory: 16 complete single ended Radio King lugs. Each includes spring, swivel nut, two screws and two Slingerland washers. The condition of these lugs ranges from "pretty darn good, all things considered" to "dinged and pitted but polished." Half of the lugs have aluminum swivel nuts, the other half have steel. I don't know why.
2 8-lug chrome over brass Radio King stick chopper hoops. The top hoop has the much desired Radio King stamp.
1 internal muffler. The felt is fairly old and brittle.
1 beaten up but almost complete Clamshell strainer assembly. Both sides are rusted and bent. I'm including these as a courtesy... not worth much but they go with the rest of the stuff.
8 additional single-ended lugs in various states of repair and completeness. These are the worst of the lot, but most could be functional.